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About Bedok Youth


Since 1968, Bedok Youth Society for the Disabled (BYSD) was founded by a group of teachers to provide education for the villagers of Bedok in the olden days. Today, BYSD forged a commitment to serve and care for persons with disabilities (PWD), whilst empowering youth to make a difference in the lives of PWDs. Today, BYSD has grown to support close to 100 PWDs each year with over 150 youths whom have benefited from our initiatives. 


Vibrant youth who cares and make a difference in the lives of People with Disabilities (PWD) 


  • Youth making good use of their energy and time by helping People with Disabilities (PWD) 

  • These Youths, after making a difference in the lives of the PWD, will grow up to be adults with community spirit and leadership qualities, among other positive values 

  • Enhancing another layer of community-based help, companionship and membership for People with Disabilities to integrate into mainstream society 


  • Integrate people with disabilities into mainstream society 

  • Provide social and welfare programmes and services for PWDs 

  • Provide opportunities for PWDs to better their educational and social prospects 

  • Recruit youths as members to help PWDs 

  • Engage youths in social, cultural, educational and sports activities 

  • Develop youth leaders who can lead in projects that can transform the lives of youths and PWDs 

  • Collaborate with local and international like-minded organisations on issues pertaining to youths and PWDs 

  • Strong advocate on Youth and Disability issues 

  • Raise funds to support the objectives of the Society 

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